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Concrete Cutting Safety Tips

February 5, 2020

Construction work often requires the workers to cut into concrete. This job is not without risk and the task should not be taken lightly. Approach concrete cutting with caution and follow these safety tips to ensure that you complete the task safely and efficiently:

Wear The Right Gear

You’ll need protective gear when cutting concrete. This goes for the person cutting the concrete, as well as anyone in the nearby area. Goggles should be used to avoid getting concrete debris in your eyes while working, gloves and steel toe boots should also be worn to protect the workers while cutting concrete.

Plan Lines

Before beginning with the cutting process, plan where you intend to cut. Draw lines on the concrete to ensure that you are prepared to start the process. When you start cutting the concrete, use the lines to slowly guide yourself. Make sure not to go too fast as an accident could occur if you are rushing and not paying careful attention.

Control The Dust

Dust can become a health hazard if it is not under control. The best way to deal with the dust would be to use wet cutting equipment that will clear the area of most of its dust. When working with wet equipment, a drainage system must be put in place so that the electronics do not get wet. Pneumatic devices can also be used to get rid of dust.

Get rid of Clutter

Working in a clutter free environment is important for the safety of the workers. Cutting concrete requires a few different tools and if they are not packed away after use or placed neatly on a table, they can become dangerous. Clutter could cause workers to trip and injure themselves.

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